Dock Guidelines

Rules and Regulations specific to docks.

Architectural Request Form​

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Our Architectural Standards. 

To ensure the harmony of the neighborhood, as well as preserve and conserve the value and desirability, Sand Lake Point has an Architectural Control Committee.  Any exterior painting or other external changes, such as construction, must be approved by the Committee. 

The ACC meets in the clubhouse at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of every month, unless notice of a different location, time or date is posted on the bulletin boards at the community mail boxes.  The deadline for an Architectural Change request to be received by Aegis CMS the Monday prior to the ACC meeting date. 

Please ensure you complete the application in FULL including ALL necessary supporting documentation (e.g., architectural drawings, plans, lot survey's, samples etc.) to ensure the committee can act upon your application during the meeting.  If you think your application needs explaining or want to be able to answer questions that may initially trigger a denial due to the need for more information, plan on attending the ACC meeting. 

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Painting your house? 

Use colors that compliment the particular style of your home, your roof color as well as your brick, stone or pavers color.  Use all three colors – Body, Trim and Accent colors.  The Accent can be used for your front door, drip edge, etc.  Your garage door(s) is typically painted the same color as the home Body color. 

Color Palette Requirements:

1)   You must choose one of the Body colors provided in the Community’s approved color palette.  The matching Trim or Accent color that goes with the Body color can be chosen.  Alternate Trim or Accent colors can be chosen, but they must appear in the color palette brochure.

2)   The approved color palette is based on the Behr Paint Exterior Collection brochure available at Home Depot stores or by contacting our Property Management Company.

3)  The color combination you chose from the color palette must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for final approval.

4)   It is not necessary to use Behr brand paint as long the paint brand you choose matches the color chip in the color palette.

Architectural Rules and Guidelines

Architectural Control Committee Rules and Regulations are specifically documented within page 7 through page 12.

Florida Friendly Landscape Guidelines

Architectural Control Committee suggestions for Florida friendly landscape options.

Fence Guidelines

Rules and Regulations specific to fence installation and upkeep.

Landscaping Guidelines

Rules and Regulations specific to landscaping.

Paint Guidelines for painting your house

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